3 Houses of Gaudí

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Casa Battló
Casa Batlló
Casa Milà - La Pedrera
Casa Milà - La Pedrera
Casa Vicens
Casa Vicens

Casa Batlló

A unique immersive experience

The building that is today Casa Batlló was built in 1877 and commissioned by Lluís Sala Sánchez. It was a classic building with no notable features; however, in 1903 it was purchased by Josep Batlló. In 1904, Josep Batlló hired Antoni Gaudí to design his house and since then the building's local name has been Casa dels Ossos (House of Bones) because it has a visceral, skeletal organic quality.

Nowadays, when you want to visit Casa Batlló, you can choose between the Standard Entrance Ticket (Blue), the Upgraded Entrance Ticket (Silver) and the Premium Entrance Ticket (Gold).

When you choose the standard (Blue) admission ticket, you'll be able to explore everything with a SmartGuide, an audio guide with augmented reality technology to let the house come to life around you. When you choose the upgraded entry ticket (Silver), take a sensory tour of Casa Batlló with fast-track access. Enter the Gaudí Cube, a unique immersive experience, and beneath the Gaudí Dome, with over 1,000 LED screens. Watch the house come to life as you explore its unique interiors, to the soundtrack of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. On the other hand, if you opt for the premium (Gold) entrance ticket, you will also be able to access the Batlló private residence and enjoy the Casa Batlló 10D experience, an immersive adventure combining artificial intelligence, augmented reality and learning automatic.

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If you want to know all the details of this amazing Gaudi house, don't miss the Casa Batlló Guided Tour.

Casa Milà - La Pedrera

A vast wave rises in the heart of Passeig de Gràcia

- Casa Milà was completed in 1912 and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Today it is home to the Catalonia La Pedrera Foundation and is one of Barcelona's most important tourist attractions. It is also called “La Pedrera”, which in Catalan means “The Quarry” because of its rustic appearance.

Get skip-the-line tickets to Casa Milà and explore one of the most iconic buildings in Antoni Gaudí's repertoire of sublime art and architecture. Admire a reconstruction of Milà's original apartment, which shows how the inhabitants of this original masterpiece once lived, and climb the curved stairwells to the roof terrace, marveling at the chimneys features of the building and discover the city from a unique perspective. When you want to learn all the stories and other intriguing details from an experienced guide, choose a Sunrise Experience and you will have the opportunity to visit La Pedrera even before it opens to the public, enjoying a more intimate experience. On the other hand, if you opt for the Night Experience, you can enjoy an audiovisual show on one of the most emblematic terraces of Barcelona, while enjoying a glass of cava.

Casa Vicens

Gaudí's first house in Barcelona

- Casa Vicens (1883-1888) is a summer house designed by Antoní Gaudí, commissioned by the owner of a brickyard and tile manufacturer, Manuel Vicens. In this construction we witness a union between the Spanish bourgeois tradition (using extremely cheap stone) and the secular Arab tradition. Gaudí created something original by building this house first in a Spanish style, becoming more and more Arabic or even Persian as he grew, making it difficult to define exactly his style.

Take a 60-minute Guided Tour of Antoni Gaudí's first major commission – the building that launched a wave of modernist architecture across Europe – and admire Gaudí's unmistakable decorative style of mystical and natural imagery down to the smallest details, and discover the life of the young Gaudí.

When you want an exclusive sensory experience, let yourself be guided by the images and smells on a journey designed by perfumer and artist Ernesto Ventós/Nasevo.

Do you now know who is undoubtedly the most famous architect in Barcelona?

Named Antoni Gaudí, this man was a Spanish Catalan architect and designer, known as the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism. Gaudí's work was influenced by the passions of his life: architecture, nature and religion; and these elements are represented in his works.

Considered his masterpiece, although still incomplete, you cannot miss the Sagrada Familia during your visit to Barcelona.

Meanwhile, between 1984 and 2005, seven of his works were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. On this list you can find the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Battló, Casa Milà (La Pedrera), Casa Vicens, Palau Güell and the Crypt Güell.

If you are a fan of this architect, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the 3 Houses of Gaudí: Casa Batlló, Casa Milà and Casa Vicens, all with one quick and easy pass on your phone.

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